Pets Are Welcomed But Ask Questions First, Before Leasing Your New Apartment

While finding home rentals and apartments for rent that are pet-friendly has become easier, there are a few considerations worth highlighting as you begin your search and start to evaluate the pros and cons of each potential property. has put together a list of tips that pet owners are encouraged to read prior to signing a new lease.

Pet Policies: All pet-friendly properties will have specific guidelines that highlight any requirements that need to be followed by pet owners. These guidelines may range from pet size requirements to the type of pets allowed. More importantly, if you are planning to become a pet owner in the near future and already living in your place it is best to review the pet policy in advance. Some pet policies may require prior permission to allow pets or may have a no pet rule. Either way, being aware in advance and not having to choose between your place or pet is one of the best tips.

Building & Neighborhood Amenities: Is the community and/or neighborhood within close proximity to a dog park? Are there available walking trails that are well lit for those late night trips? How close is the nearest veterinary office for those unexpected accidents? Does the property provide convenient access to pet waste removal bags?

Pet Deposit: Inquire with the leasing consultant about any deposits that are required to rent a unit. A typical pet deposit can cost between $100 and $300 on average. For most of us, having to pay an additional $300 on top of a standard one month deposit for rent can be tough. Be sure to ask if your pet deposit is refundable. It is better to know all expenses upfront in order to prevent any last minute surprises.

Exotic animals: Exotic animals are typically categorized as reptiles (i.e., snakes, lizards, large turtles, alligators or crocodiles), birds, insects or large mammals (i.e., pigs, monkeys or goats, etc.). If you are the proud owner of an exotic animal, please be sure to contact your state’s department of agriculture and veterinarian’s office as well as read your property’s pet policies (see above). Also, check with your city clerk’s office to see if any specific licensing is required for your pet.

Renters have said enough is enough! According to a recent study, nine out of every ten renters have a pet and a large percentage plan to become pet owners in the near future. With stats like these, it’s easy to understand the increase in acceptance of pets and why so many apartment and home rentals are now willing to allow pets.

Let us know your thoughts, do you own a pet and/or was the pet-friendly policies a consideration when selecting a new apartment or home?

Super Pet Multi-Floor Home For a Happy Ferret

As a pet lover you know it is essential to keep your pet happy. Treats are not enough to keep your pet in the best spirits. More important is how your ferret is kept at home and is essential in determining its happiness quotient. A Super Pet Multi-Floor Home is an ideal home for your pet ferret.

If you have just got yourself a ferret and are new to owning a pet you must understand that it is indeed great responsibility and providing a good and clean environment for your pet to live in is absolutely essential. Along with an environment that is clean it is also essential that the home of the ferret gives it the freedom to play and enjoy itself.

A multi-floor ferret home system gives the ferret the freedom to go up and down engaging in various activities. The Super Pet Multi-Floor Ferret Home is designed to replicate an amusement park for ferrets. Enabled with a safety ramp, a ferret trail tunnel, a crazy hammock and shelves to store ferret goodies, it is the perfect choice for pet owners who do not have a lot of room to spare in their homes.

When you buy a ferret home there are a few basic things you should keep in mind. It should be easy to use and easy to clean. It should be built to offer safety and ease in navigation to the ferret. It should be spacious so as to allow the ferret to move around freely within its confinements.

A multi-floor ferret home is indeed ideal for your pet and you should consider getting one home if you love your pet and want to treat him with all the care and affection that he deserves. When in the multi-floor home, your ferret will not feel trapped, but will play around with glee given the number of activities he can participate in. Watch your ferret as it playfully tips over its toys and enjoys a healthy life inside the multi-floor pet home. Ferret owners all over the world are getting creative with homes for their ferrets you should too.